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Geometries of Inference
Mikelis Bickis
abstract (pdf) 

A Step Towards a Conflicting Part of a Belief Function on Three-element Frame of Discernment
Milan Daniel
abstract (pdf) 

Parameter Dependent Uncertainty in Limit State Functions
Thomas Fetz
abstract (pdf) 

First steps towards Little's Law with imprecise probabilities
Stavros Lopatatzidis, Jasper De Bock and Gert De Cooman
abstract (pdf) 

New Results on the Inferential Complexity of Credal Networks
Denis Maua, Cassio De Campos, Alessio Benavoli and Alessandro Antonucci.
abstract (pdf) 

Bivariate P-Boxes
Enrique Miranda, Ignacio Montes, Renato Pelessoni and Paolo Vicig
abstract (pdf) 

Stochastic PDEs with Random Set Coefficients
Jelena Nedeljkovic and Michael Oberguggenberger
abstract (pdf) 

The Stochastic Wave Equation with an Interval Valued Parameter
Lukas Wurzer and Michael Oberguggenberger
abstract (pdf) 

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