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List of Papers

Inclusion/exclusion principle for belief functions
Felipe Aguirre, Christelle Jacob, Sébastien Destercke, Didier Dubois, Mohamed Sallak

Classification of Temporal Data by Imprecise Dynamic Models
Alessandro Antonucci, Rocco De Rosa, Alessandro Giusti, Fabio Cuzzolin

The description of extreme 2-monotone measures
Andrey Bronevich, Igor Rozenberg

On the Robustness of Imprecise Probability Method
Marco Cattaneo

An approach to uncertainty in probabilistic assignments with application to vibro-acoustic problems
Alice Cicirello, Robin Langley

Bayesian-like inference, complete disintegrability and complete conglomerability in coherent conditional possibility theory
Giulianella Coletti, Davide Petturiti

Conditional not-additive measures and fuzzy sets
Giulianella Coletti, Barbara Vantaggi

Is the mode a lower prevision?
Ines Couso, Luciano Sánchez

Independence for Sets of Full Conditional Measures, Sets of Lexicographic Probabilities, and Sets of Desirable Gambles
Fabio Cozman

Credal networks under epistemic irrelevance using sets of desirable gambles
Jasper De Bock, Gert de Cooman

Allowing for probability zero in credal networks under epistemic irrelevance
Jasper De Bock, Gert de Cooman

Sample size determination with imprecise risk aversion
Malcolm Farrow

Computing with Confidence
Scott Ferson, Michael Balch, Kari Sentz, Jack Siegrist

Entropy Based Decision Trees
Paul Fink, Richard Crossman

On Open Problems Connected with Application of the Iterative Proportional Fitting Procedure to Belief Functions
Radim Jirousek, Vaclav Kratochvil

Dynamic Credal Networks: introduction and use in robustness analysis
Matthieu Hourbracq, Cedric Baudrit, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin, Sebastien Destercke

Second-Order Credal Combination of Evidence
Alexander Karlsson, David Sundgren

Evaluation of Evidential Combination Operators
Alexander Karlsson, Joe Steinhauer

Rationalizability under Uncertainty using Imprecise Probabilities
Hailin Liu

Significance of a decision making problem under uncertainty
Kevin Loquin

New Prior Near-ignorance Models on the Simplex
Francesca Mangili, Alessio Benavoli

A New Framework for Learning Generalized Credal Networks
Andres R. Masegosa, Serafin Moral

Credal model averaging of logistic regression for modeling the distribution of marmot burrows
Andrea Mignatti, Giorgio Corani

Coherent updating of 2-monotone previsions
Enrique Miranda, Ignacio Montes

Computing the conglomerable natural extension
Enrique Miranda, Marco Zaffalon

Modeling Uncertainty in First-Order Logic
Rafael Nunez, Matthias Scheutz, Kamal Premaratne, Manohar N. Murthi

Characterizing coherence, correcting incoherence
Erik Quaeghebeur

On Sharp Identification Regions for Regression Under Interval Data
Georg Schollmeyer, Thomas Augustin

Two theories of conditional probability and non-conglomerability
Teddy Seidenfeld, Mark Schervish and Joseph Kadane

Conflict and Ambiguity: Preliminary Models and Empirical Tests
Michael Smithson

A Robust Data Driven Approach to Quantifying Common-Cause Failure in Power Networks
Matthias Troffaes, Simon Blake

A Note on the Temporal Sure Preference Principle and the Updating of Lower Previsions
Matthias Troffaes, Michael Goldstein

Logistic Regression on Markov Chains for Crop Rotation Modelling
Matthias Troffaes, Lewis Paton

Model checking for imprecise Markov chains
Matthias Troffaes, Damjan Skulj

An imprecise boosting-like approach to regression
Lev V. Utkin, Andrea Wiencierz

Operator of composition for credal sets
Jirina Vejnarova

Modelling practical certainty and its link with classical propositional logic
Arthur Van Camp, Gert de Cooman

Interval-Valued Linear Model
Xun Wang, Shoumei Li, Thierry Denoeux

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